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Our Services

This page is designed to provide a brief summary of the dental care available at Rebol Family Dentistry. If you have any questions about the services Dr. Rebol provides, just ask and he will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

General Dentistry

Dr. Rebol provides routine dental care for the entire family. Current medical research demonstrates that oral health is a key part of our systemic health, affecting cardiovascular health, pregnancy and other systems. Prevention of oral disease is Dr. Rebol’s primary goal. For most patients he recommends routine cleanings and oral health checkups every six months to prevent common dental problems.

When dental treatment beyond routine preventative care is necessary, Dr. Rebol provides comprehensive care, including dental fillings, crown restorations (including same day CEREC crowns), treatment for gum disease, and tooth extractions among many other procedures. When you are ready to visit us as a patient, Dr. Rebol will complete a comprehensive oral evaluation that includes and oral cancer screening and examination of your head and neck, gums, and teeth. At the completion of the examination Dr. Rebol will provide you with a specialized treatment plan with options for your treatment.

Complex Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes dental needs are not routine. In the case of developmental problems, trauma or otherwise difficult cases, specialized dental care is required. Dr. Rebol is able to offer care for you if you experience multiple worn or broken teeth, wish to restore missing teeth, have muscle or joint pain, or wish to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. In order to manage complex cases and give patients the very best care possible, Dr. Rebol maintains close relationships with locally and internationally renowned dental specialists. He believes that a team approach provides patients with dental solutions that can last a lifetime. Dr. Rebol spends much of his free time at his local study club, dental society meetings and lunches discussing complex cases with endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and dental lab technicians. These relationships and collaborative sessions allow the team of professionals to offer patients solutions to complex problems. It must be noted that Dr. Rebol and his team strive to exceed your expectations by solving complex dental needs with a minimal amount of dental procedures required to reach your oral health goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Rebol offers many cosmetic procedures including tooth whitening with Zoom, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and beautiful all ceramic crowns just to name a few. Dr. Rebol starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your esthetic desires and generates a treatment plan that works for you. Dr. Rebol believes that beauty follows function and designs a smile that not only looks beautiful but functions in harmony with your oral health. A properly functioning restoration that is also beautiful can stand the test of time.

Pediatric Dentistry

As is true of adult care, most kids simply require routine cleanings and examinations. From a dentist’s perspective the most exciting part of treating children is the ability prevent most dental problems from an early age. When dental treatment is needed beyond routine care, Dr. Rebol can provide dental restorations and even tooth extractions for most pediatric patients. When specialty care is needed, Dr. Rebol maintains close relationships with local pediatric dentists and orthodontists so that your child receives the care necessary to maintain their oral health and achieve the smile that they deserve.


Dr. Rebol believes that technology can help provide exceptional care that is comfortable, economic, efficient, and healthier for the patient. We use paperless dental records, offer patient accessible wifi and use digital dental x-rays that expose the patient to a fraction of the radiation of conventional radiography. We also use CEREC CAD/CAM restorative technology and soft tissue diode lasers. Technology cannot replace old fashion service and comfortable care, but it can help us to provide our care at a higher level and enhance the experience. Please ask Dr. Rebol if you have any questions about the technology available.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are implanted into bone to mimic natural tooth roots. After placment, implants integrate into bone and provide excellent foundations on which to anchor natural looking and feeling ceramic teeth. Implants may also be used to anchor loose fitting or poorly functioning dentures. Dr. Rebol works with his surgical colleagues to develop a treatment plan customized for each patient and deliver care accordingly.


Dentures and partials are prosthetic teeth that replace some or all teeth in an arch. Dr. Rebol offers many different options for dentures from custom tooth setups to mimic your natural teeth, to more economical but equally appealing options. Dentures can also be combined with dental implants for an excellent functional, stable and esthetic result. Dr. Rebol can also evaluate existing dentures for proper function and make the appropriate suggestions for improving wearability.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Rebol provides routine oral surgery and extracts most teeth in house. For specialty or more difficult cases, Dr. Rebol maintains close relationships with local oral surgeons to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Same Day Porcelain Restorations/CEREC

Dr. Rebol provides same day inlay/onlay and crown restorations with the use of a CEREC CAD/CAM system. The CEREC system allows Dr. Rebol to personally design and produce a crown in-house, removing the requirements that the patient wear a temporary crown and return for a separate appointment two weeks following the initial procedure. Dr. Rebol is able to use this technology for many cases and provides excellent cosmetic and functional results. This technology is especially useful for providing beautiful strong restorations for patients who wish to avoid metal fillings.

Composite Restorations and Bonding

Dr. Rebol provides natural looking tooth colored composite restorations that are strong and functional. Bonding can be used for simple fillings or for simple cosmetic solutions. The CEREC CAD/CAM system also allows for fabrication of composite restorations that last. These are mercury free restorations that that function as simple “fillings” but have the beauty and strength to endure.

Bridge Work

Another option for replacing missing teeth are fixed partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures or “bridges” are utilized when adequate support from adjacent teeth is present and implants are not a feasible solution. Bridges may be designed to be beautiful, functional and lasting and are just one more alternative that Dr. Rebol can offer when developing a comprehensive treatment plan for you.

Scared of the Dentist?

If you have fear, anxiety or are embarrassed by the condition of your teeth, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 50% of Americans do not receive regular dental care, mostly due to fear. It is very common to hear patients’ stories of a bad experience at an early age or of a past dentist that did not use anesthesia. The great news is that discomfort during dental procedures is largely a phenomenon of the past. Dr. Rebol uses modern techniques and anesthetics to make dentistry virtually painless. Dr. Rebol also offers oral medications and nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety and make your experience pleasant and carefree.

It is also very common for patients to delay visits to the dentist because they are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth or are afraid that the dentist and hygienist will judge and scold them. If this rings a bell, you are not alone. Dr. Rebol and his staff are here to help, not to judge. We pride ourselves on being able to develop solutions and deliver treatment that will make you smile.


For those who are interested in whitening their smile, Dr. Rebol offers several options. For convenience and speed our office provides the ZOOM! whitening system which enables the patient to experience several shades of improvement in a single office visit. Dr. Rebol also offers patients take home kits to whiten and maintain their smile on their own schedule. Whitening under the supervision and direction of a dental professional has been proven a safe and effective method of improving the esthetic appearance of a smile.